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Adon domain name registered elsewhere with SSL



I have a domain name with SSL registered elsewhere, however, I would like for that domain to be hosted with GoDaddy and my Linux cPanel hosting package, but just the website hosting, nothing else.


I've added the domain with Domain Manager and using Add DNS hosting option, then on domain name side changed the NS records so that it much my hosting NS records.


Basically, after changes where applied, if user types in i.e. or it opens the website within my hosting, however when user types https// first it shows as non secure + it opens my main hosting domain name.


Have I missed something, any suggestion on how to solve this issue?


Thank you!


Hello @OneManShow!


Thank you for posting. The one thing I don't see mention of is if you've installed the SSL Certificate to your hosting plan. Have you done that yet? Your SSL Certificate provider should have given you files to install. Here's our guide on Installing third-party SSL Certificates to our cPanel hosting


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thank You @Heather,


That is where I am perhaps confused.


If I understand, although domain name is hosted elsewhere and already setup with SSL in order for the hosting part to work properly with SSL  I need to install these files which I should have received from SSL provider.