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Anyone know how to get GoDaddy to fix name servers for a dead domain?

I used to host a domain registered by GoDaddy. The client shutdown their web site, email, etc. But they have NOT changed the domains nameserver to point to someplace other then my servers.

I do NOT want to be listed as the authoritative Name Servers for the domains any more.

Any attempts at contact with the domain owner fails.

GoDaddy Customer Support refuses to help me with the problem.


Does anyone have suggestions on who I can talk to that CAN help????

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I am assuming that you are or have been managing the hosting for these domains @Michael_Hess? In theory someone could point their domain to whatever Name Servers they want but because they direct to hosting you control you control the response? I'd just point the domain to a directory with a page that explains the situation ie "My Company no longer host this domain. If you have any inquires please direct them to the domain owner". I have several of these routing directories on servers I control and it allows me to quickly push domains to whatever message is called for. It is my experience that when the domain does not point to their website any longer you'll get contacted or they would themselves change the Name Servers. Not sure you could force a Name Server change to a domain you do not control otherwise? I hope that helps? ...or maybe I have misunderstood the issue?


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That doesn't help. The domain in question has NOT pointed to a valid site in over 2 years now.

My name servers have NO entries related to this domain any more. That is the problem. This used to be an online store with lots of products, images, etc. So sites all over the country are constantly hitting my nameservers in an attempt to FIND the address of the site. I'm tired of my nameserver being flooded with requests for a domain I no longer deal with.

For your solution, I would have to add domain information to my nameservers then setup a web site on my web host to respond to queries. So then not only would my nameserver get hammered but so would the web server for again something I do not support.

The owner of the domain would not do anything because of this because he has not done anything now for 2 years. Repeated requests via email, Facebook. Linkin have gone without a response.

What if this individual had passed away which of course would mean they couldn't be contacted. You mean GoDaddy has no means of resolving a situation under those circumstances???


Since I'm not getting any response he could have passed aware for all I know.

I have seen orphaned domains that still have all kinds of settings in them @Michael_Hess. I have acquired domains and gone to request them to be hosted and had to pull them off of another hosting they were already connected to. I have never had success in changing domain settings without either owning the domain OR having access from the domain owner. I would question anyone who could process a change for a domain for someone not in control of the of the domain.


What I suggested is indeed ugly and a workaround but if you want you can customize the pointing page to address your frustration. It is just my experience that doing nothing means it will stay the same. I can't think of anything else you could do but a "FRANK JOHNSON DOESN'T PAY HIS BILLS" page would probably prompt a call or the return of an email?


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head