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Auto-renew domains show "Expired" in Renewals & Billing

I hope this post is read by someone at GoDaddy. I mentioned this issue to a support representative via chat a while back, but it still persists.


For domains on auto-renew, and on the day of their expiration, the red text "Expired On 06/28/2017" is displayed under Renewals & Billing. The date displayed is the date of expiration (always "today").


The domain is indeed-auto renewed, this is simply a matter of customer experience. It is unsettling to see a notification that a domain has expired when it has auto-renew on.


Thanks for reading.

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Hi @acicali,

would it be possible for you to post a screenshot of what you mean please?

Thanks rammsteinium. It seems attaching images is currently broken 😞


Here's a screenshot:

I just want to mention again - this domain is on auto-renew, and it will indeed be renewed. This is simply a matter of poor user experience... showing a red expired error when the domain is safe and not expired.