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Bought domain but cant change anything in DNS manager

I recently bought a domain, but when I try to see the options in DNS manager it only lists the currently set options, but I can't change anything since there are no "edit pen" logo. This is weird as I have bought a domain previously that does not have this problem.

See relevant photo. I can't edit any of it.screenshot.png


Re: Bought domain but cant change anything in DNS manager

Hi @ChristofferIR, thanks for posting.

This can sometimes be the case if the registration is still pending. You'll want to ensure that you complete the steps in any emails you received. Some specific TLDs or domain ending have additional steps or take longer to register than others.


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Hey all hoping you're able to help me.

I have 2 domains one of which i was able to setup custom DNS on without problems, but my newest domain i don't have  the option at all to edit or add custom DNS. Its just not there there is nothing except for it showing the default ones. i've added 2 images so you can see what i mean. Anyone know how i can solve this problem?



Re: [Solved]

Hi @AnetteR


Some TLDs have certain restrictions on what you may use as nameservers. To see if your domain has these restrictions, go to and type "About [your TLD] Domains" in the search bar. Of course, replace "[your TLD]" wit6h the ending you are using. Ex: .CO.UK, .CO, .DE, etc



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