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Bought the wrong domain name

Hello, I bought domain misstaken. I bought domain ending with “se” but I forget about “r” so it should look “ser” please can I get refund or can you change it? Please it was missclick


Re: Domain bad name

Hi @CarlossCZ,


Woops, typos happen! Not a problem. Depending on the type of tld you purchased (.com, .net, .xyz, etc) it should be refundable per our refund policy:


You'll need to contact our 24/7 support by phone or chat to have a representative review and get you refunded. 

Hope this helps! 


Boughted SEO By Mistake

Plz help me i bouhted a SEO by mistake plz help me 

can i get my money back plz give me solution plz help me 

Re: Domain bad name

My domain name has a typo. should be

not juanmosquedaphotodideo

Re: Domain bad name

Thanks for this post. The same thing just happen to me 2 seconds ago.

Re: Bought the wrong domain name

Anyone from support to help me to get the refund?


Re: Bought the wrong domain name


As previously mentioned, you will need to contact our support for any type of refund options. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at