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Buying a Domain Name service

I tried using the GoDaddy service to see if I could buy an existing Domain Name. Basically I paid around $100 and received a few emails saying that they were trying to negotiate with the owner. Then it just stopped. There was no wrap up email and no advice what had happened. After some time I sent an email to Go Daddy complaining about this and I received no response. Seems to me that this service doesn't work very well. I feel like I just payed $100 to receive a few emails which I could do without!

Has anyone else had any success with this service? Any suggestions how to get a hold of a domain name that exists but is not being used? Perhaps part of the GoDaddy service should be to actually give me the information as to who owns the name so that I can pick up the negotiations myself?

Getting Started

If the WHOIS information isn't private you can simply go to for example (replace with the name of the domain you wish to check) to see who the current owner is. And then send an email to that person.


Even if the WHOIS is private you can still send an email to the private WHOIS email address which is there and normally that should also land in the mailbox of the current owner.