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Can I use a blog app on an add on domain

We put our office website on Go Daddy last Fall, and I put my Market Gardening domain as an add on domain under our main business account/domain name. My Market domain name resolves to the correct site, but I'd really love to be able to use a blog app of some kind on it to make it easy to update posts to the site. Our main business site is in Wordpress, and I don't want to take a chance on messing up that site plus I don't need anything as complicated as Wordpress. How do I (CAN I) add a different blog app to my add on domain? If I click install on a blog app in the admin site can I tell it to install in my add on domain folder, or might it install in the main site's space and interfere with our main business site? Thanks for any help ahead of time.

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Re: Can I use a blog app on an add on domain



I am assuming you are using a cPanel account vs a VPS Server.


While the cPanel accounts, do allow you to host multiple domains in the account, personally I would not recommend it from a security perspective. 


Most of the Installtron scripts want to put things in the root of public_html vs in a subfolder - so you should be careful not to step on the WordPress installation - you can always install the app manually. (Download from provider website, add database, enter user information etc)


You stated that you find WordPress complicated - Just wondering what you find complicated as perhaps it's an issue with the theme / plugin you have for the site that is making it harder to use.


If you are just looking for just a blog, you may want to look at and then point your domain to that.

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Re: Can I use a blog app on an add on domain

Hi @LPrest,


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If you're looking for a simple way to add a blog, you may want to look into our GoCentral website plans. It has a fairly simple-to-set-up blogging feature that will also allow you an information site component as well. You just add it as a page to your website there. You can set it up on a subdomain (such as and link to it from the main website, if you wish. 


As an extra benefit, you can try it out for 30 days free to see if this option works for you. 



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Re: Can I use a blog app on an add on domain

Thanks for the answer. It's not that I find wordpress too complicated to use, I;ve used it before. I just don't need that big a program, and I don't want to chance interferring with our main business site in Wordpress. Yeah, I have a blogger site that I don't really use. I guess I could redirect to there?