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Can I use my own mailserver with GoDaddy?



Sorry if this is a double post, but the first one seems to have vanished into the aether . . .


I have a mailserver running on a Raspberry Pi at home (using Postfix and Dovecot). It's behind the usual home router with Time Warner Roadrunner as my ISP. I have it set up for a static IP. My GoDaddy domain is Can anyone tell me how to configure the system so that, say, ends up connecting to the mailserver on my Pi? I've searched the community quite a bit, but haven't found anything (yet).




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Hi @littlejohnny, welcome to the community! 🙂


I don't see why wouldn't you do that.

As long as you have a static IP address for your domain to resolve to that IP, you can.

You will have to configure your DNS accordingly so it knows where your emails should go.


Hope it helps!


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The Internet is for Fun!