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Can a domain be changed during the subscription?

I am in the Direct sales business. 

I purchased a domain here to make it easier for my customers to get to my link (which the affiliate link is pretty long). 

However, that DS company went out of business. (Their name is part of my domain).

I have moved onto another DS company, and need to change it. 

I don't understand much about domains other than they are so much easier to remember/use.

I have 4 more months before I have to renew. 

Is this possible? Or do I have to pay for another domain?

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Hello @ForgivenNotPerf,


You can buy a new domain anytime you would like. You can change the configuration of your new domain to act as a easier access to your long URL. You will still have control over your current domain until the term expires. You can choose to cancel the domain and it will be removed from your account but there is no real reason to do that.


In my experience you should keep a sunsetting domain for a period of time while you introduce a new domain. You wouldn't want someone to go to the domain they have become accustomed to and not be able to contact you. If you (as an example) have six (6) months left on your current domain I would use the remainder of that time to inform visitors of your domain change. Additionally if you are going to get rid of your domain check that the auto-renew is not active. I hope that helps?


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