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Can't Cancel Auto Renew

When I log in and go to this page I see a list of my domains.

It includes two domains that say they will auto-renew. Both say that Protection is not available (so I assume they are not protected).


I read the instructions and it said to go to my Account, Renewals and Billing ( and cancel the auto-renew. The list of domains on that page is not the same as the first list above, the two domains I want to cancel are missing.


If I go to the domain list beta page ( I see the two domains again and that page also says they will auto-renew. If I click on "Domain Settings" for each of them it says the domain lock is on and that deleting the domain is disabled.


I cannot find a way to cancel the renewals?


Helper IV
Helper IV

Re: Can't Cancel Auto Renew

I am helping you regarding cancelling auto-renewal.

Please follow the steps,

1. go to

2. Select the one to which you have to cancel auto-renewal and then click cancel renewal.

3. A popup window will appear. Select cancel renewal. Note: Do not click delete.


Now your auto-renewal will be turned off. Note: Renew your product before expiry, else no data can be recovered and you may lose your site.


"Protection is not available" may denote domain privacy. It is a godaddy product, which will hide your personal details from whois record.


You your problem solved mark this as solved.



Re: Can't Cancel Auto Renew

Thank you for the reply 🙂


Unfortunately, as I said in my question, when I go to Billing the two domains are missing. They appear in my normal list of domains, but they do not appear in the billing list, so I can't cancel the auto-renew.



Helper IV
Helper IV

Re: Can't Cancel Auto Renew

Sorry, you have to contact godaddy call support at or you can use chat provided in the bottom of this page.