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Can't Edit A Record for top level of domain


I'm trying to edit the A Record for one of my clients.  I've been able to add an A record for "www" but not for the top-level domain.  Normally, I'm able to do this with no problem.   Any idea why the "@ A Record"  says "proxied", and isn't editable? It's currently pointing to GoDaddy's nameservers.

Here's a screenshot...



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Re: Can't Edit A Record for top level of domain

Thank you @BruceMilligan We are having an AMA in a few days and we're adding your question.  Please let us know if there's been any update since you posted this.  Any additional context will be helpful as we look into this for you!  


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Re: Can't Edit A Record for top level of domain



The Proxied DNS records you're seeing in your domain's DNS are part of the "Proxied DNS" template that a few of our products supply. TrustedSite, Website Security, and our Search Engine Visibility plans are the three plans that apply the DNS templates, and they apply these templates to place a lock on the DNS in order to function properly.


Search Engine Visibility needs to be able to implement the changes made through it, Website Security needs to be able to monitor and scan the hosting plan the domain is connected to, and TrustedSite needs to be able to implement the SECURE Trustmark on the domain's website to assure visitors it's a secure environment.


To be able to edit the DNS that these Proxied templates are locking down, you would need to unpublish the product supplying the Proxied template, after which the DNS will free up for editing again.


Hope this helps!


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