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Can't add DKIM TXT record

Getting an error when attempting to add a DKIM record.

Message says to contact support - of which there is no obvious mechanism to do so.

I've checked and rechecked the method, selector and key - there is no mistake. Have changed TTL but that hasn't helped.

Where the f%$k is a support link for this service to report system issues??


Re: Can't add DKIM TXT record

Hey @dkimpain,

Adding a DKIM record is not something that we support, which is why you are unable to locate a help article. You will want to research a solution by using your favorite search engine. Hopefully, one of our other community members will chime in.

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Re: Can't add DKIM TXT record

i having the same problem. Problem appears to be the save button.

That is big help from godaddy.

Go Daddy!


Re: Can't add DKIM TXT record

What??!? That's horrible service. The least you could do is write some simple instructions. Might take 3 minutes from someone who knows about DNS. Oh, probably no one there at Go Daddy. Very sad.


Re: Can't add DKIM TXT record

A DKIM dns record it's always a TXT record. So you just need to create the correct host name (selector._domainkey) and add the desired content to the record. That's all.

TXT Record for Flippa

I am trying to sell a few domain Names in my GoDaddy domain list on the Flippa site.  I need to add a TXT Record.  I can get to the A record but dont know what to do now.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: TXT Record for Flippa

Hi @onlineauction,

Here's our help article on how to add a TXT record: Hope this helps! Take care!


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