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Can't change my nameservers (One of the three is blocked)

I need to change nameservers for my domain name, but locked this setting. I have 3 domain in my host. i want to change my nameserver domain for 1 domain but it doesnt change. 2 other actictive settings for change.  How to fix the problem ?

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Re: Cant change my nameservers (One of the three is blocked)



Based on your message, it's not allowing you to change the nameservers. Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing?


In the meantime, try accessing the GoDaddy site in an incognito/private window to see if it's a caching issue.

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Re: Cant change my nameservers (One of the three is blocked)

No change button for the first site:



For the other I have changed



Re: Cant change my nameservers (One of the three is blocked)

Hi @AlexIT,


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Check to be sure your domain is not in a status that does not allow a change of nameservers. 


>> Has a change of account been started? (to another GoDaddy account)

>> Has an ICANN verifcation been requested?(status will say "pending")

>> Is the domain a CCTLD? (Country-Code domain) Some Registrars have restrictions on the nameservers that can be used for their domains.


If any of these are the case, you'll want to contact the GoDaddy support team to get you pointed in the right direction to make the update. 



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