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Can't get add-on domains to work on my hosting account

Hello, it's been a while since I hosted another domain name on my hosting account. Something seems to have changed in the processes and I can't get my add-on domains to work on the web. I have researched all the help sections, done the google search on the topic and I feel that I am doing this right but I am having no luck. I have tested with different variables with no luck as well. Here is what I have done so far for 2 add-on domain names (one is in my account and the other is in another account):


1. I created the 2 new domain names in my account using the Cpanel - folders were created and I can see them in the file manager.

2. Files for the new websites were uploaded to their respective folders and have confirmed that I can see them.

3. Using "Preview Website" in the Cpanel I can see that the home page for these websites is correct

4. I have gone to the Managing DNS sections for both these domains and have repointed the DNS addresses. I know it can take a bit of time for it to changeover and I have given it time.


So I wondering if I am using the right DNS address? In the help section, its says if the add-on domain is in my account we can leave the DNS at default. Tried that and it didn't work. I then went to the primary domain of my hosting account (this is the only website works properly in my hosting account) and used the DNS address from there and put those addresses into the add-on domain DNS and that did not work either. I noticed that with the various add-on domains in my account, there are a few different DNS addresses, some are NS23/, some are NS31/NS32 and so on, you get the point. The default is NS45/NS46. They all have the same common IP address.


So is this the source of my problem? Am I not identifying the proper DNS address for my account? Or do I have to point these domains to the IP address (how do you do that?)?


Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated.




Hi @BananaComm, thanks for posting.

For add on domains, I recommend that you set each domain name to use it's default nameservers, and then update the DNS to point the '@' A Record to the IP address of your hosting plan. The IP address will be listed in your cPanel, see the details here:

Steps on how to change the DNS settings can be found here:


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