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Can't renew domain now???

My domain is set to expire on 9/9, and it's acting like it' already gone. If I click on Renew Now, the page just keeps refreshing the My Account page and I can't actually renew now.


I figured having over two weeks left, I could still renew it, but I guess the joke's on me.


Thanks a lot, GoDaddy. I've been with you for a LOT of years, but this is certainly the final straw.


And I don't have a cell phone OR a landline with long distance, so calling is NOT an option for me.

Helper III

There may just be an error on the site, or perhaps its a browser issue.  I don't think GoDaddy is actively trying to prevent you from renewing your domain.  In any case, they do have a support number you can call.  It is (866) 463-2339.