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Can you buy a web address?

Hi there,


Can you buy a web address or just rent one?

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Hi @monkey2,

all domain names must be registered and purchased through an official registra. The only exception being sub domains, these can be anything you chose (within normal naming protocols). 

It would be absolute hell if it wasn't like this. A bit like your postal address, imagine if for example in the town you lived in there were 1,000 addresses exactly like yours....... that would be fun when your new PlayStation was being delivered at xmas wouldn't it? The same with a domain name, all it is is an IP address. Someone has to keep records of every single one ☝️  

Hi again. Everytime I look into buying one, it just says I can rent it for 1-2years. Thanks for your reply and the information.... but I'm still confused if I can permanently buy a web address, or if it's something you can only rent. On Godaddy..... when I type the web address I'm interesting in buying it says "per year", or "for 2 years".... no mention of buying it for life. Sorry if I'm not being clear.
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Hi @monkey2,

Think of it like this, could you make a one off payment to mot, tax or insure your car for life?

Your domain can be renewed indefinitely, so theoretically it's yours until you stop paying for the registration. It's not renting, is registering! Please google this for any more questions. Your question is perfectly clear, why you are asking is not. 


Sorry but......... THE END!!