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Cannot Change DNSSEC Records For a .CO Domain

I have 40 domains at Godaddy, some which use DNSSEC (DS Records).  I recently deleted all DNSSEC records from all my domains, however one ".CO" domain refuses to accept the changes.  I tried many times:


1) Click on the domain to manage it

2) Next to "DS Records", I click "manage"

3) I click the "X" next to the 2 existing records to mark them as delete, and "Save" the changes.

4) The domain's status changes to "Pending Update".  A minute later, Godaddy sends me an email saying the change was attempted but failed with this error:


"Error: DNSSEC modifications failed, Parameter value policy error"


This is the only domain that fails.  All my other domains can have their DNSSEC (DS Records) changed and removed without any problems.


I suspect this is a problem with Godaddy's backend failing to make a DNSSEC record change with the .CO registry, since this is the only .CO domain in my account.


So I don't know how to proceed.  I need the DNSSEC records removed or risk nameservers incorrectly flagging my domain as failing a DNSSEC check.


I chatted with a Godaddy support which confirmed the issue but provided no resolution.  So I'm here, asking the community if anyone has any suggestions.



Note, DNSSEC and DS Records are not DNS or nameservers.  People often confuse DNSSEC with DNS servers.  DNSSEC is a setting available to anyone's domain at Godaddy which adds security validation to client DNS queries, regardless which nameservers and DNS entries it has.  It works by adding keys under the domain's settings, as shown as "DS Records".  An incorrect DNSSEC key can cause some nameservers to refuse to honor DNS resolution requests.


I cannot change the DNS records fro a CO.IL domain ??? Why


Goddady message:

We apologize for this inconvenience, but an error has been detected.


The details of the error have been recorded.  We will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact our customer support department.

Thank You.