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Cannot remove auto-renew on domain

None of the methods work and when I phoned customer support I was fobbed off and told they could not help, when the stupid website had already said please call customer support to have this auto renew cancelled.


I am leaving and have already cancelled everything else, but this is the one remaining service that I am unable to cancel, and as a result I cannot remove my credit card details either, or close my account until this stupid auto-renew is removed.


So is there anybody here that can sort this out for me?

Community Manager

Hi @k91. Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear you've decided to move on. Aside from a momentary glitch, the only other reason you wouldn't be able to disable automatic renewal for a domain is if it uses our Protected Registration service. In that situation, the removal of the ability to disable automatic renewal is intentional, as it is part of the protection service. If you have Protected Registration would like to disable automatic renewal or cancel the domain, you must first cancel the Protected Registration service. I hope that helps. 


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