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Cannot restore DNS default



I tried to use surge hosting with my goDaddy domain, but editing the dns records I have messed up everything and now it is unreachable. This is the record that I have at the moment:


Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 9.14.15 AM.png


There is some way to reset the default value? I tried every page on goDaddy but I can't do that.


Re: Cannote restore dns default

Hi @LucaFilipponi

There is not a way to automatically reset your domain's DNS records. The easiest way to get your default records back is by switching your domain's nameservers from 'standard' to 'custom' then back to 'standard'.

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Re: Cannote restore dns default

Call them 24/7.  Reset mine in 5 minutes.

Re: Cannote restore dns default

Hi. I tried to change it to custom, but it requests for a pair of other dns and is not accepting a random value.


Re: Cannote restore dns default

Hi @Pereere,


Welcome to the Community! 

If you are still needing to go back to the default settings on your DNS, you can keep the existing nameserver and  return the records to the following defaults: 


A        *        <<Your server's IP        600 seconds

A        admin        Your server's IP        600 seconds

A        mail        Your server's IP        600 seconds

CNAME        autoconfig                @        1 Hour

CNAME        autoconfig.admin        @        1 Hour

CNAME        autodiscover                @        1 Hour

CNAME        autodiscover.admin        @        1 Hour

CNAME        cpanel                        @        1 Hour

CNAME        ftp                        @        1 Hour

CNAME        webdisk                        @        1 Hour

CNAME        webdisk.admin                @        1 Hour

CNAME        webmail                        @        1 Hour

CNAME        whm                        @        1 Hour

CNAME        www                        @        1 Hour

CNAME        www.admin                @        1 Hour

CNAME        _domainconnect        1 Hour

(Additional) CNAMES:






TXT        @        v=spf1 a mx ptr ~all        1 Hour

TXT        admin        v=spf1 a mx ptr ~all        1 Hour

SRV        _autodiscover._tcp.@        0 0 443        1 Hour

SRV        _autodiscover._tcp.admin        0 0 443        1 Hour




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