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Cannot see domains delegated to me



I want to delegate one of my domain (I have 5 domains) to my second Godaddy account (for my web designer) since I don't want him to see my other 4 domains.


I followed the instructions here:


I created a folder and added the domain i want to this folder and setup the access level already. I added the second account as the Administrator to the folder also.


There is no error during the whole process.


My second account received the invitation email and confirmed the access already.


So the last step I clicked the link provided from the invitation email to my second account to access the delegated domain which is this:


The domain I want does not appear in the "All Hosting Accounts" and "Accounts You Manage" sections. The lists are empty.


Please help. 









Hey @ringoc,


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Looks like you were following the instructions for setting up an account administrator instead of an account delegate. Try setting up through the steps here instead and be sure you assign your other account the appropriate access levels. 


If you're still having trouble viewing the domain in your other account, feel free to reach out to our live support so they can help review directly. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I don't think support is understanding the issue but I can help you.  If you had used account manager you would have gotten an error. Since you had no errors the problem is that the way to access the delegate account is not very intuitive.      So the way to access the delegated domain is to click on account settings/delegate access and then click on the name of the admin for the domain that you want to manage.    Now you will notice that it will show you signed in as the person you clicked on.    Hope this helps

Thanks LeoB - this is EXACTLY what I needed too. My account was given domain-level admin access a while ago before that feature was deprecated. Now I also have domain delegation given to me, and it was very confusing why I couldn't see all the domains that were delegated under the domain-level admin access area. Thanks for the guidance.