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Cannot use desired shortlink

I am trying to set up a shortlink using my domain and the URL shortener but I cannot use the word I want to use.


I want to use /survey - I can use su, sur, surv, surve and even survey1 but not survey itself. I have other links with six characters as the shortlink, so I don't know what the issue is. I have had documents printed with this short URL so really need to use it! Please help 🙂


Re: Cannot use desired shortlink

Hi @sazzlepants

What URL shortener are you using? Also, what error message are you receiving? That custom shortlink might already be in use. 

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Re: Cannot use desired shortlink

Hi @charminglygeeky


I am using the URL shortener at


When I enter the word I want to use, it says "This custom link is unavailable."


When I try and access the link as it should be ( it comes up with a 404 page, so it's not being used elsewhere??