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Change A Record - Hosting Company advised to contact with GoDaddy to modify it.

I'd purchased a domain and hosting from third party, I asked them to modify the domain nameserver to GoDaddy's nameserver. After they did I realized the A record not sign to my hosting A record, I connect with them to modify the A record they told me you should contact with GoDaddy to modify it. Now how can I modify this A record to reffer to my hosting.


Fast reply will be appreciated

Helper VI

Login to your godaddy account.
In your "my products window", select the domain you want to edit.
Select manage DNS then select record.
You should see all records pertaining to your domain.
Edit or add an A record then put your hosting IP address.
~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

Now I can't see this domain in my account's domains anymore, although it happens before