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Change Primary button is disabled - Need to change my primary domain

I have a Windows shared hosting account, with a primary domain at the root and several other domains pointing to individual folders. I added a new domain to my hosting account earlier today, and I need to change the primary domain to this new domain (and make the old primary domain a non-primary domain).


When I follow the steps given to do this in the Hosting Control Center, and select my current primary domain, the Change Primary button is disabled (grayed out), so I can't proceed with the change.


I wanted to file a support ticket about this, but after an hour of searching, I couldn't find a place to to file a support ticket.


Anyone know if this feature works, if there's something special I need to do to get it enabled, or if I need to call in to get it changed?


Any advice would be much appreciated.

Community Manager

Hi @kg60. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! There are two issues you'll have to address to update your primary domain to the one you want to use. First, I'm guessing you have an SSL Certificate on the account. That will prevent you from changing the primary domain on your hosting. You need to remove the SSL Certificate from the hosting before you will be able to change your domain. Typically, you would revoke the certificate to remove it from hosting. However, a revoked certificate can not be recovered. Instead, you could try rekeying the certificate to remove it from the hosting. You could use something like to make a new CSR. Revoking may be a more straightforward way to go for you though. If you revoke, you'll need to purchase a new SSL Certificate. 


In addition to removing your SSL Certificate, you'll need to remove the domain you want to use on the hosting from the hosting it's on. You can't update the primary domain to a domain that is hosted as a secondary (aliased) domain. 


Once you remove the domain and SSL Certificate, you should be able to change the domain for your hosting plan. Once the change is complete, you can reinstall your certificate. Hope that helps. 


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Thanks for your reply.


If I successfully rekey, will I be able to use that SSL certificate on the secondary domain (the same domain name it was on before), or will it have to be applied to the new primary domain?


I looked at the CSR Generator, and don't quite know what to answer to the following:

  • Organizational Unit (I have no idea what was used originally)
  • Key Size: 2048 or 4096

And advice on what to answer in generating the CSR?

I looked at several other articles about rekeying, and the whole thing was so convoluted that I decided to just revoke the SSL certificiate.  I'll start from scratch one I get everything else configured.


Any chance of getting a partial credit for the unused months on this SSL certificate?