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Change domain

Hi, recently i jus a my addon domain as a primary domain and my primary domain as a addon domain. After i change, what else should i do? now i find out my existing addon domain url the website is the domain while the domain url , i can't access. What should i do now??? 

Super User III

It is not clear what you are trying to do.  Here is an overview of hosting multiple websites in a hosting account. is main domain, is my addon domain. my boss wan me to change become my domain while become addon domain. So , what i do i jus remove my from addon domain and change domain to Now, the problem i facing now is , when i click on the website, it show me while cant show me webpage. What can i do now to restore back my webpage?


Super User III

The Primary Domain uses the root directory, with an Addon Domain you can select the folder.


I am not sure the purpose of switching the domains, you can either move the files around to match or switch the domains back.