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Changing DNS causes a continuous loop and does not save changes.

On my old account, I could not change the DNS settings. When I tried to change them, I got forwarded back to the overview page. After a long conversation with support they determined it was because of the ISP (Doesn't make sense), so I tried with a mobile connection, same problem (Same ISP). So I tried it with a 4G modem from another ISP (Same problem, different ISP). I tried a VPN tunnel to USA (Same problem). I tried Internet explorer and Firefox as alternative browsers (same problem).



The same happened when I tried to change the DNS settings on my old account.

Screenshot_15.pngScreenshot_16.pngScreenshot_17.pngI managed to transfer my domain name to another GoDaddy account and there I can change the DNS settings without being forwarded to the overview page. 


Hi @Th3SkullR34p3r,


Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, the community would be limited on helping as this appears to be account specific. I'd recommend reaching back out to live support and explain the troubleshooting steps you have taken. I would also provide them with a trace route so they can better investigate the issue. 



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