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Changing DNS will affect my outlook email

Dear all


I hear someone said If a domain which is my email address. it may losed those email after transfer DNS.


If it is true how do i fix it? and make sure my outlook email will keep functiontable?



Community Team
Community Team

Hello @Gobaby, if you change where the DNS for your domain resides, it may reset the current settings, including your MX records for mail.  You can continue to use the same mail services, you'll just need to go in and manually add in the correct records at the new DNS provider.  I'd make sure you copy down the current DNS settings before you make the move.  That way you can just add them back in if you need to once the move is complete.  Thanks.  





I was worried about the same thing when I switched my company's email over to GoDaddy from another hosting provider. Do you have many email accounts? My company is small, so I used Outlook to save a backup of each person's email (Outlook - File - Open & Export - Import/Export -> "Export to a File" -> Outlook Data File). Choose the account you want to export (including subfolders) and save it to your computer. Then once you've transferred your DNS, use the same steps but IMPORT the Outlook Data File instead. 


This is a quick way to ensure that all of your emails are backed up. Hope it helps!