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Changing domain from reseller/service provider to my own godaddy account

I need to transfer my website's godaddy domain/hosting service from my local service provider to my own account in godaddy. But my service provider says it takes 21 days for transfer process and as my activation date is March 12, so it is not possible. Pl. let me know is it true that it takes 21 days to transfer the domain or he just wants to keep domain+hosting with himself.



Hey @perry72perry,


Sounds like you're referring to a transfer lock that prevents moving between registrars. Was this domain recently registered or renewed with the current provider within the last 60 days? That's the general holding period most registrars follow per ICANN regulations (us included). 


If that is the case, you should still be able to point the domain to our hosting in the meantime by updating the nameservers


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