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Connecting a Go Daddy domain to a Wix site


I've created a Wix website and need to connect the Go Daddy Domain. I'm following the instructions on Wix but when I get to the Nameservers page in Go Daddy there are 4 existing Nameservers there (all 1and1 DNS)

Two seem to able to be deleted, to connect my new website

do I delete the two Nameservers I can delete and replace them with the Wix nameservers?

Or just add the 2 Wix name servers to the list?

Or delete the 2 that can be deleted and overwrite the other 2?


Sorry I've managed to create a new website but inexperienced with the back end connection part.


Thanks loads



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Re: Connecting a Go Daddy domain to a Wix site

Delete those that can be, then overwrite the two that can not be deleted with the new nameservers.  Two is the minimum, but you can add more if your provider offers more.  These are for redundancy, but only one is randomly selected whenever the domain is accessed.  So this should only have your active nameservers, others should be deleted.


The nameservers tell which DNS to use, which hold all the settings for your domain (website, email, etc).  So you'll want to make sure the nameservers you choose have all the DNS records needed for all of the services you use (for example if your website and email are from different providers).