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DKIM fail - help!

I am hosting my DNS and website on another provider's servers, but using GoDaddy email. Although I was not sure this was the right answer, the last tech support rep I chatted with assured me that my use of the DKIM entries for my server would not result in a DKIM fail (because it would be reflecting MY server and not the mail sending server with GoDaddy), but that is exactly what I am now seeing -- DKIM is failing when I look at my DMARC message from Google.


I was expecting there might be some CNAME record that could indicate a DKIM for GoDaddy mail servers. For example, if I have Mailchimp send mail on my domain's behalf, I have a CNAME _domainkey record for Mailchimp's mail servers like "".


How do I properly set-up DKIM on another server for sending mail via GoDaddy "" mail servers?


Obviously, I cannot tell GoDaddy to use my DKIM keys on their server... but I also don't know of any way to point to GoDaddy's DKIM, so I'm stuck in limbo.


By the way, my SPF is passing just fine with -- but I cannot get DKIM working.  My MX records are pointing to GoDaddy mail servers on


Thank you in advance for the help...  !!


Does anybody know anything about this stuff? GoDaddy tech support seems to be no help at all... I've been through three reps so far and they all suggest different things, and none of those things actually work. 😒