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DNS Forwarding

We have a forwarding setup for a subdomain to a 3rd party website working for users outside our main office.  However, this is not working correctly at our main office.  At the main office, we have a Sonicwall as our firewall and Windows DNS servers handling internal DNS.


When we attempt to use the forwarding fqdn the browser is not being redirected properly.  I believe I have to make a change in our internal DNS, I just dont know the correct change to be made. forward to


Primary domain - Company.local

other domain -


Internal Windows DNS:

company.local - Primary DNS Zone - Secondary DNS Zone


Do I need to create a cname, A record?


incase my post didn't quite make sense I have rewritten it.


Trying to forward to 

We own with Godaddy but do not own and have setup DNS forward for to go to website.  External from our domain this works no issues.  However, in our domain, this does not work.

The domain name is Company.local

Internal DNS servers is and

with forward lookup zones of company.local and

So internal when trying to access its looking in our internal DNS and not finding anything and stopping there.

What magical setting do I need to enter into our internal DNS for it to work correctly?

Things I have tried...

If I ping from outside the domain I get x.x.x.x ip address.  I have tried to create an A record for with that x.x.x.x ip website does not load.

If I ping from outside the domain I get y.y.y.y ip address.   I have tried to create an A record for with that y.y.y.y ip website does not load.