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DNS Hijacking, Ping form local computer has different IP with DNS



Please help.


All of my domain was deface by someone named Hesyam Ahmed.


I see my server, no problem found. And then i see on godaddy dns, someone change my dns setting to custom dns, directed to this ip address


I already change it all to default godaddy name server. I works, but then it become defaced again. But the dns not change anymore, still godaddy default dns.


Tried to ping my website from local PC, it got


But when i tried to ping it from my server direcly it got correct ip.


Can someone help me about this ?





Community Manager

Hi @Zilmeier. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! My guess would be that there are either files on your server that are redirecting specific traffic to the given IP or that you have more than one primary A Record. If you share the domain in question, then others in the community might be able to take a look and offer further suggestions. 


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