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DNS ISSUE switching to Cloudfare

If i am trying to switch my dns over to cloudflare, i added the two cloudflare dns's, but i left the original 2 for hostgator there also, is this messing up my cloudflare propogation?

so what i am saying is there are now 4 dns's.  I did this yesterday and when i go to cloudflare it says that it still is not done and does not recognize the cloudflare dns.

Could the reason for this be because i still have the original hostgator dns's still in there????

thanks in advance for your help.

Super User II

Yes, just put in the set of nameservers that you want to use.


when I change the default name server I see this problem, IP require and when I want to change the different name server of our company I see this system message  : the data provided can not be use please correct it and resubmit your request

my name server is true and work property and the godaddy default name server did not work. please help me and fix this issue