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DNS MX Redirection

I just changed domains and hosting of my bussiness to a new one on GoDaddy, the old domain had it's mx records set up from the provider I purchased the Name from to the old hosting and from the hosting provider to Zoho, however since I'm not keeping the old domain and I want to get rid of it I'm trying to point the domain MX records from the Name provider to GoDaddy and from GoDaddy to Zoho until it expires to give my customers time to change to the new domain when writing emails to the old domain all while not loosing history.


I thought I had it but looks like I'm not pointing at the right name server, what are the Name servers for GoDaddy I should be pointing to on my name provider configuration?


Re: DNS MX Redirection

GoDaddy has many nameservers, they get assigned when you add a site to your hosting plan.


To find them, log into your my products page, and click manage all next to domains.There are a few views for this page, but you'll want to find the DNS zone file for the domain you're wanting to point. That zone file should have two records for the nameservers. They might be on the second page of records.