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DNS NOT work 5 days

It's 5 days after i set the dns, never work, so i tried to park the domain, still not work. what's going on this domain action from godaddy, here is the domain and where is the godaddy support online team, only have a call number, i am bad in english speaking. 


Re: DNS NOT work 5 days

same problem here!

3 days since i set up dns and still nothing!


this used to work in 10 minutes.

whats happening?

do i have to chance domain managers?

Re: DNS NOT work 5 days

to me, usualy only 2 mins to open

Super User III
Super User III

Re: DNS NOT work 5 days



As you were the original post I will address your question re: BIOSSTARS.US - @meganuke  the information I post may be similar to your issue or it maybe a different issue.


So... for BIOSSTARS.US, the name servers are NS1.BIOSSTARS.US and NS2.BIOSSTARS.US

This means that in the GoDaddy Domain Manager


You would have gone down to the lower left corner and select custom hosts - where you put in the IP addresses of the server to use the DNS - this is typically done when you are using a cPanel / VPS for managing your DNS.


It seems like either the IP address has changed or the server isn't configured to do the DNS management. 


I suggest for right now you change the Name Servers back to the "Default" which will point them to the (GoDaddy) DNS - then you can at least manage the zone file and get your site / other services up and running and go from there



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