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DNS Template does not work

Applying DNS templates to newly purchased domains does not work like it used to a couple of weeks ago.


When a new domain is purchased, godaddy sets it to "Parked" by default.


Applying a DNS template used to remove godaddy's "Parked" dns records.  But, now, it no longer removes them. So after applying a dns template, 2 IP addresses are assigned to the domain, instead of only 1 from our template. The other IP is godaddy's "Parked" domain IP.


2 godaddy records, which are no longer removed:

"Parked" A record

"_domainconnect" CNAME record


Also, after clicking the "Apply" button, to apply a dns template, the system used to show a progress circle and eventually refresh the dns records on the page to show the changes.  It no longer shows the progress circle and no longer refreshes the page to show the changes.


When can we expect these breaking changes to be fixed?





Hi @harrijon,


Welcome to the Community!

GoDaddy is not reporting any "breaking changes" to the DNS over the last few weeks, or revisions to the way our DNS templates work. So it's not clear why your domains are not updating as expected. Please see these instructions on creating and applying the templates in our system. Check to be sure all steps have been taken, please. If you continue to have issues, you'll want to save some screenshots and contact the GoDaddy customer support team at one of the numbers below. They can take a look and have it reviewed for you. 



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