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DNS config for external host

Hello, I'm new to all the web management stuff and i'm a bit lost:

I have a Google ".com" domain and i read it had GoDaddy support, so i came here and used the Go Central website builder to make my web, after clicking on publish i read the steps for external domains, but after 72 hours my web is still "", i think maybe i didn't configure DNS properly:


I made this:

Type   Name      Value               TTL

AXX.com198.71.232.31 Hour


The IP on the Value field is the one suggested by GoDaddy sites that is closest to my location, i don't know if i'm missing something because i think i did everything but i can't access my web by using the default domain, any ideas?


Thanks in Advance

Getting Started

for external value you need to set remote server ip where your site hosted. on subdomain also.

Super User II

Have you added the domain to your GoCentral site?