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DNS issue : Site stopped working suddenly

My site is suddenly stopped working.  Browser is unable to resolve the hostname and on chrome it's throwing the error "Server DNS address could not be found."

The site was working yesterday. I check the Name Server setting and the A record, it all looks perfect. Please resolve the issue.



Same problem here. Hope they will soon resolve this issue. 

Getting Started

I'm having the same problem. I'm pointing about 20 domains to my server and all websites are down. I called tech support and they told me that this is a known issue and that they have a "team" working on it. They told me about 3 hours ago that it would be fixed in 2 hours. My sites have been down since late yesterday. I find it pretty ridiculous to have an issue of this scale and for such a long outage with zero notifications from GoDaddy.


Also having this issue but it seems to be up now on some browsers, but still not able to resolve the DNS on chrome either mobile or desktop versions. Tech support has said that they're able to see it on their end but I'm not able to. Glad to see other people are having the same issue.

I hope this thread is not dead because my DNS stopped working suddenly. Please help