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DNSSEC Adding DS records into GoDaddy zone for child domain

At our company our zone is registered with GoDaddy. We also have a child domain,, that is hosted with another provider. For DNSSEC to work we need to add the DS records for to the zone on GoDaddy. In the GoDaddy UI for managing the zone we don't see a way to add DS records. Is there something we're overlooking?

Community Manager

Hi @Brian_Meek. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 


In order to add DS records for a domain, you'll need to access your Domain Control Center. Once there, look for the Manage DNS option for the domain you need to add the records for. On the DNS Management page, you should see a link for DNSSEC. Clicking on that page should allow you to enter DS records for the domain. Please note that in order for you to use DS records for a domain registered with us, you'll either need to be hosting the domain's DNS on custom nameservers or use our Premium DNS. For more information, please see this article.


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