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Default Name Servers

So I moved 20+ domains to Godaddy about 5 weeks ago. Up and till today I still can not change the name servers to Godaddy's default name servers. I have been on the phone for hours during these 5 weeks. Numerous emails back and forth. Ticket after ticket.


This is now getting totally ridiculous and I totally regret moving my domains to GoDaddy. Its now week 5 and I still cannot change all my domains under My products to your default DNS servers so that I have access to my domain records.


I have websites to launch. Integrations to complete.



I need answers and I need them today or you must allow me to move my domains elsewhere and refund me what I have paid thus far.


I have been patient, understanding and compliant when it comes to this but I am not any of those things anymore. I have a management team wanting answers and there is nothing I can say to them. Please get this resolved please?


5 weeks of pleading guys seriously?