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Domain Buy Service - transferring my domain into GoDaddy

GoDaddy contacted me regarding a purchaser using the Domain Buy Service to broker the purchase of a domain that I own. The website claims that the seller pays no fees of any kind. I received an email with instructions for how to complete the sale, which includes the following step:

"Purchase a domain name transfer from our website."


The instructions that I am receiving seem to be very general rather than instructions specific to those using the Domain Buy Service. What are the actual steps that I must take to complete the sale that do not include fees, as claimed?


Hi @mh1,


Sorry for any confusion here.  


If you are the seller in a Domain Buy Service transaction then you are not responsible for any fee's to GoDaddy.  The buyer in the transaction will pay associated fee's (transfer etc.).  My apologies for any miscommunication in the email you received.  Here's a link to a help article for Sellers.  If you need additional help with next steps please feel free to reach out to the Domain Buy Service team +1.480.366.3303 or via email