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Domain Can't Be Found


I've been rejected by Google Adsense because my domain I submitted  is unavailable according to them.  Note that I cannot submit the on adsense.

in google search is available  is not available


Do i need to fix something in go daddy?


Re: Domain Can't Be Found

Hey @Adcel


Were you able to get this worked out on your own? If so, be sure to share what you did to resolve this issue you were encountering with Google Adsense. 


If you're still trying to work it out, my best guess is either the domain was a recent registration and not yet resolving any public DNS results when Adsense was looking for the domain or another recent DNS update was taking place that kept the domain from resolving when Google was checking for it. Beyond that, there shouldn't be any specific settings within the Domain DNS that I am aware of that need to be done for Adsense to locate your domain. 


With that said, have you tried reaching out to Google's support to see if they are requiring a specific DNS modification to validate your domain name? I know they sometimes require this as proof of ownership/control over the domain before you can apply them to any of their services. 


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Re: Domain Can't Be Found

Hi @Adcel,


Welcome to the Community!

When you submit your domain to Google Adsense, Do not include the "www". It is not part of the domain. That's why it's showing as "available" in a domain search - as it's an added subdomain to the fully qualified domain name. OUTOFOFFICEPH.COM is not available as (we assume) you have registered it for yourself. Let us know if Google accepts the domain with that omission. 



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