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Domain Forwarding Not Working

Hi there,

I have 2 domains in this account. and other one First I set up a wordpress site to the and it was working fine. Then I change my mind to setup the wordpress website to the other domain To do so I choose the primary domain to and forwarded to It was working fine at that time. But after few hours it stopped working. Now both domain are not working. It is already about 40 hours. Can you guys please help me out. Nothing is coming out. Thanks in advance.


Re: Domain Forwarding Not Working

Hi @DanielMiranda,


Welcome to the Community!


The early result you were seeing was most likely from your earlier set-up; the new DNS had not yet propagated. Once the domain change was recognized, the domains will need to have the correct DNS to have your new configuration work. 


1. Your primary domain's A Record ( is not directed to the IP address on your hosting plan. You will need to update this record to match the IP address shown in your hosting dashboard. 

2. Once the primary domain goes to the right server, the forwarding domain - whose DNS appears to be correct - will find the site. 




TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Domain Forwarding Not Working

Hey TLH,
Thanks for the solution. Really it works. Keep up the good work.