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Domain Forwarding To WIX Not Working

Hello everyone!


Did forwarding of my domain to WIX website, and it is not working. Seems I need to change IP address, but I can't find NOWHERE IP server information for WIX. Anyone can help?


Thanks a million!


Community Manager

Hi @vinnikava,


I see that you've posted more information about your situation on another thread:


"WIX trying to force people to join their premium plan to find out information about IP address. And this is what I'm trying to avoid, because they don't have PayPal option for payments, only credit card (which I don't have). I posted here hoping someone could share this information (maybe someone using WIX premium)."


That doesn't sound like a fun situation. I'm guessing you spent a lot of time on your site and don't want to give it up. It's unlikely that even if someone shared the IP they're using with Wix that it would be the same one for you. They probably have a number of IP addresses/servers just like we do. Maybe you could still work with them by purchasing a prepaid credit card? 


In regard to your forwarding issue, you should still be able to forward the domain to your Wix site. However, you probably won't be able to use masking. Some providers don't let you do that. Usually when they have a paid alternative. 


Does anyone else in the community have experience with this? Your suggestions are welcome!

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Thank you for your reply Jessie!


It's not possible for me to get credit card as I'm on really long travel and not a resident in the countries I'm visiting. 


I will try to remove masking, and will let you know if that works.


Hope someone else using that WIX constructor, or maybe they loosing their customers because of No PayPal Payment options...