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Domain Forwarding cancelled, but not effective.

Hi GoDaddy

You contacted me recently to notify me my website had been hacked, so I forwarded both my domains to another site in the interim. Now I need to try to fix the problems, and so cancelled the forwarding last week. Unfortunately these addresses, instead of directing back to my websites, now simply direct to a GoDaddy parking screen. 

I have emailed your team about this and received no reply.

Could you please fix, or advise.


A Inglis



Re: Domain Forwarding cancelled, but not effective.

OK, I have just spoken with your support team. They were very patient and helpful. Hopefully we will have resolution of this problem soon.

Thank you


Re: Domain Forwarding cancelled, but not effective.

Hello @adambaby!


Thank you for posting. We don't have a support email, so that would be why you're not receiving a response form us by email. Removing the forward is only part of what needs to be done to point your domains back to your site. Since you're hosting with us, use these steps for updating your nameservers to your hosted ones


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Domain Forwarding cancelled, but not effective.

Thank you Heather

As per your very helpful support person, it was the "A Record" that required an IP address. The NS wasn't changed. I can't see where in your help section this is made clear, however, it's all working now


many thanks