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Domain Forwarding to fails

I am trying to forward to, however, it gets trapped saying the site is not secure and https in the URL is lined-out. 

What is odd is that I have forwarded to and it successfully resolves to 

CNAME - Host www points to @ 

The A record in hansonfunds points to "Forwarded" and hansoninvest points to an ip address. Other than that their records are the same.


Comparing the two domains I noticed was forwarding using http and was using https. I changed hansonfunds to https and it failed. I changed hansoninvest to http and it succeeded. Setting them both to forward to http correctly resolves to https at the destination.

Correction: it worked for about 5 minutes. hansonfunds is still set to http and works, hansoninvest does not appear to work with either http or https.


When I use Preview they all work, when I save and test in a browser tab it fails.



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Re: Domain Forwarding to fails

I am seeing a report of mixed content no matter if it's forwarded or direct.  This is coming from images loaded over http:// instead of https:// to be secure, specifically it's the emblems next to the contact details .  As this is in the code for the page an administrator for the website would need to resolve it.


Re: Domain Forwarding to fails


Thanks for the reply. I am embarrassed to admit that clearing my browser cache fixed the problem. The redirects are working happily.

Yikes! What a newbie mistake...