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Domain Gone

I bought a website for a Minecraft server IP "" but recently it seems as though it has been 'cancelled', the website is still up and functioning ( ), same as the IP but I can't find it on 'My Products' nor 'My Renewals & Billing'.GoDaddy Reciept.jpg


So my issue is that I bought a .com domain for the $0.99 deal, and now it is gone and I can't get it back at all, not even at full price.

*Please mind my account name, I can't seem to change that either....*

***UPDATE: The website doesn't work anymore,2019-04-14

but it doesn't let me buy it still2019-04-14 14_55_20-GoDaddy Domain Name Search Tool.png


Re: Domain Gone

I'm newer here. I just checked through the Go Daddy domain checker. It's available for .99 cent again says regular 17.99. I'd contact support. It's upper right hand corner. Says contact 24/7.

Good luck, Hope it's resolved.

Re: Domain Gone


Re: Domain Gone

Is your problem resolved now? Did support help? 


Re: Domain Gone

Hi @HonccMC,


If the domain was recently cancelled by mistake, it may be able to be recovered within the account. Please use the instructions here to rescue the domain to the account, choosing "no years" upon renewal.



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