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Domain Hosted elsewhere needed to point to site hosted on godaddy

Hello There,


I have a domain registered with a regional registrar.  I also have a domain+ hosting on godaddy. I want the regional domain to point to the site on godaddy. I gave them the namesevers that I could find on the domains, but I cannot find nameservers for the hosting itself. Can someone please help me get the site running? I am thoroughly confused and godaddy removes chat support for my country

Advocate VI

Start here:


The answer is different depending on which hosting package you are using, but they list all of them, and then link to the corresponding article with instructions.


Hello Lisa, @webdiva

I have tried doing that and this is my problem. My hosting is Cpanel linux shared. Out fo the two options the first (Find primary domain's nameservers) I disregard as I do not want to use teh current domain (that is linked to the hosting and godaddy).

So i follow the instructions to find the nameservers of the hosting package. but when I click on DNS mananger as instructed, it shows me a list of domains that are hosted on godaddy that I can get the nameservers to, which I don't want. 


As i understand it, i need the nameservers of the hosting package and to input them to my external nameserver domain registrar, is this correct?


At this point, I don't know what else to suggest. Call GD Tech Support. I'm sure that after you explain it to them, they will know which one you need to look at. I know I've said it many times on this forum, but really, these folks are well-trained in problem-solving, and can always answer my questions. I'm sure they can answer this one.

I am sure they are, but I am in saudi arabia and unwilling to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a international call that could take a very long time. Since they disabled chat support I've been at a loss for support. Will not be renewing because of this issue. But thanks for the help


Before you can manage your Domain's DNS with Godaddy you will need add add your Domain to Off-Site DNS. 

Use the following article for instructions. Add Off-site DNS

Once your domain has been added to Godaddy it will be listed in your Domain control panel and be assigned Nameservers.