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Domain Manager Issue - Your domains could not be loaded

Recently I have come across weird experience using the GoDaddy portal, specially the Domain Manager. Below you can see the issue that I keep encountering. Probably more than 100 times in my last 30 day experience. Sometimes the domains load and sometimes they don't. Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 11.01.57 AM.png




I am sure along with me there are several customers who must have experienced the same. 

I have been managing my domains with GoDaddy for over 14 years and all these years we never came across such issues persistently. There would be issues but they would last momentarily. 

The domain load issue surfaced some 2 months ago but GoDaddy hasn't come with a crisp solution this time. I have reached out to their support and while they seem to be very responsive and promise us of addressing our issues with utmost priority the problem has remained. 

At times they have asked us to clear cookies, cache, browser history and all. I have followed their instructions religiously and still the problem is persistent. 

To put it together GoDaddy's standards have degraded and if this continues for another month or so I am sure we will start looking for alternatives. 


Super User III
Super User III

Re: Domain Manager Issue - Your domains could not be loaded



I have a couple hundred domains with GoDaddy as well. I had this same issue yesterday - Specifically in Chrome on one computer - I open Firefox and it works fine, I didn't try an incognito window, however I have in the past and it worked there and it worked on another computer, but even after clearing cache cookies etc I had the same issue.


I also had an issue with delegated access and getting to the client's server control panel....again changing browsers fixed it.


It was very strange and I can't seem to find specific steps to re-produce it, it is random. I also have a tendency to have about 20-30 browser tabs open across multiple windows so I've always attributed it to something between GoDaddy and my local machine (client side issue)

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