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Former Employee

Domain Name vs. Website

Just curious... what's the difference between a having a domain name and having a website? Or is there no difference between the two (i.e., they're synonymous)?


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GoDaddy has a great video about this.

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Getting Started

This depends on your interpretation, but this is what I usually tell my clients. 


There's a fairly large difference between having a domain name and a website. Generally, a domain is just that. It's a space on the internet, similar to an address for a proposed development for a house.


There hasn't been a house developed on this lot quite yet. Let's assume PHP is the framework, HTML is the drywall and layout, css is the paint and decor, and Javascript is the appliances/utilities. 


A website will have all the fixens' for a house. It will have the framework, walls, decorations and appliances and utilities. Generally, when somebody refers to a website, they are referring to the address + the house. 



I have an article with pictures here. 


Does that make sense? 

Helper VI

My way of explaining it is:

Website is the content(pages of a book)

Domain is the book cover...

You can have a domain without owning a website(you can use it for emails and stuff)

You cant have a website without a domain(Unless you want to use IPs)


BTW, I'm not talking about local domains

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @
Helper I

With all respects to the previous offerings, your domain name is your website.