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Domain No Longer Parked by at specific countries

Hello My domain is not working at Bosnia message appear to me "the domain is no longer parked by godaddy". but it's working in Egypt and another countries. How can i fix that issue please.

Hi @marcoatef

That domain name is not hosted with us. Based on an external DNS lookup, the nameservers appear to be pointing to Arvixe hosting. I suggest reaching out to them to see what could be causing your site not to resolve in certain locations. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Helper V

There are various types of nameservers. One type of nameserver is in computers in various places in the world and all domain name lookups for it's area are done through that type of nameserver. The United States has about 5 of them. There is one for all of Russia and it does not have that domain name in it. Also Thailand's nameserver. There is probably a way to bypass the Russian nameserver and if so then I assume Russians are most familiar with that.